Ballroom Links


Ballroom Junkie

Diary of a Mad Dancer

Against Line of Dance

Big Girl in the Ballroom


…Then Came Dance

Musings for Ballroom Beginners


Ballroom Guide (Information, syllabi, etc.)

Dance Comp Review (Articles, reviews, advice, videos)

Dance Forums (People talking about dance) (Videos, syllabi, classifieds)

Commercial Websites I Like:

ekClothing (Inexpensive dresses/tops/skirts/pants, some shoes & accessories)

VE Dance (Shoes/clothing/accessories)

DanceShopper (Shoes/clothing/accessories, jewelry, tanning/makeup, stones)

DuoDance (Shoes) (Shoes)

BackBay Dancewear (Shoes, apparel)

Rhinestone Guy (Rhinestones in bulk)

Dreamtime Creations (Rhinestones)

Rhinestone Shop (Rhinestones by the gross)

3 thoughts on “Ballroom Links

  1. Hi Elise,

    Love your blog and site and tweeted it to my followers :). I used to compete in pre-champ standard and latin in the collegiate and amateur circuits. I actually started a blog for ballroom beginners and would love if you could link to it with the other blogs on this page. I’d be happy to do the same on my site!

    My blog is called Musings for Ballroom Beginners and is found at:



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