Ballroom in a Few Gifs #4

Sorry for the lack of updates recently!  I know everyone enjoys these, so…have at it.  We’ll open with a Stefon theme.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about, go watch some of the SNL skits on Youtube.  Now.

Every single time “A Thousand Years” comes on for a Viennese waltz

via giphy

Spotting someone I know in the audience while I’m dancing

via giphy

Noticing a brand new person in silver class

via giphy

Getting to see my professional dance idols in person

via tumblr

When a veteran dancer has no idea how to register for a competition

via Buzzfeed

After popping on some fake talons for a competition

via Popsugar

When someone just blatantly dances right into us

via Buzzfeed

Every competition, ever.

via tumblr

4 thoughts on “Ballroom in a Few Gifs #4

      • yeah, that’s what I would do too…my coach’s partner did my hair last time, I asked her ‘how did you do it with these long nails on’, she goes ‘oh you’ll just get used to it’ lol I can barely type in short nails…well… one more thing to practice…

  1. “Getting to see my professional dance idols in person”

    OMG that’s literally my face the night before and the day of of knowing that I’ll be seeing Yulia & Riccardo, Ina & Troels @ManhanttanDancesport….. lol

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