Help Me Pick a New Latin Outfit!

I’m currently thinking about looking for a new Latin dress/ensemble!

I’ve had the same blue halter dress from eKclothing for the past three years or so for Latin (and occasionally rhythm), so I figured it was time to change things up soon.  It has to be syllabus-friendly (no sparkles/stones/glitter/shiny, sadly), and something interesting.  Basic black is not for this girl, at least not at this time.  So….I figured I’d turn to the Internet for input! Budget is flexible-ish.  Ideally I’d like to spend less, but am willing to fork over a bit more for something really awesome.

Here are some contenders, but I am open to suggestions!

Danceshopper Banded Box Dress not in this blue, but oxblood, a deep red.

Santoria Kardia Dress in purple rather than pink.  Then again, I have a LOT of purple already, including my Latin costume that a friend has borrowed for a while, as well as my syllabus standard/smooth outfit that occasionally comes out to play.  On the other hand, purple works on me.

Dance America Asymmetric Full Flounced Latin Skirt in “Bright Print.” I’d probably pair this with a black tank top or leotard…the full-on print outfit would be a little much, methinks.

Chrisanne Moonlight Latin Dress in Hot Magenta or Fuchsia Pink.  Side note: according to their chart, I am supposed to order this in a size large.  If you know me, I am probably not a typical large size – more along the small/medium spectrum.  Silly Europeans.  Unless they’re trying to imply that us Americans are too fat.  Hmm.

Star Dance Shop Turquoise Skirt – would probably pair this with a black top, but it could go with lots of things like my purple off-the-shoulder top, maybe even white or a black-and-white print top.

VE Dance Carla Skirt in…I have no idea what color! There’s lots of good options.

VE Dance Julia Skirt in Violet or Salmon.  Definitely the most economic option at $45 and the only one I’ve tried on in person (it fits).

Light in the Box Dress in Black with Red accent.  (There’s a red with black belt one, but it  reminds me too much of Mrs. Claus.)  Quality is slightly suspect, but this website has insanely cheap ballroom stuff!

Light in the Box lacy dress in purple…looks more like burgundy to me.  Poor model…that is the derpiest pose ever.

My favorite option at the moment:

Just kidding.  I don’t think I could or would want to pull that off…

I guess I tend to like things with clean lines with some interesting details but not too too much going on.   And generally just above or at the knee, or longer asymmetrical hems.  Color-wise, I tend to gravitate towards blue/purple/red/pink, but am open to others.  I think at my level (gold) you see a mix of colors, but sometimes there’s a LOT of black and red.  I do also like black and white in a print/pattern, but it’s harder to find good options with that.

So…opinions? Please comment with your thoughts!  Also, If you know of other sites with good options, please comment below!

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