Life Updates

Quick life/dance/etc. update, in case you’re interested.  If not, too bad 😛

I’m currently last-minute preparing for the first competition of the season, Purdue, with a different partner (!).  My normal partner couldn’t make it to this competition, so I asked a good friend if he was willing to dance with me, and it’s been pretty fun so far! Some last-minute choreography, some quick re-learning of old choreography, and good amount of oh-well-let’s-just-do-lead-follow.  Fortunately, he’s good at picking up new choreography (unlike me), so that helps a lot.  But because I’m not amazing at remembering choreography, I often depend on my partner to help me out on the floor in case I have a brain spasm.  The tables have turned a bit and now I’m the one who might need to help him out on the floor, since I’m more familiar with the routines.  We’ll see how it turns out!  As I told him, when in doubt (during smooth), just do an explosion!

Another fun thing to navigate is that for the first time in years, I’m competing with a partner who is about my height and the same size as me.  One of my first partners from like….6 or 7 years ago was about that build, but since then, I’ve been dancing with guys who are over 6 feet (I’m 5’5-ish and about 5’8 in heels).

One advantage of competing with someone you don’t normally compete with is the lack of expectations.  We’re just going for fun and if we place well, great! and if not, oh well.  No pressure of maintaining or bettering our placements from previous competitions.  Cause there isn’t anything with which to compare.  Also, I’m better than him at smooth/standard, but he’s better than me at rhythm/Latin.  So, with our powers combined…who knows what will happen.  We’re dancing gold standard, gold Latin, and novice/pre-champ smooth.  Cause I’m not about to do open rhythm.  The furthest I’ve ever gotten with rhythm is silver, and placed a handful of times in that.

In other news, I’ve been co-teaching the intermediate class for my college team, which has been pretty fun.  It’s a step up from the beginner class, so we review the basic steps they have learned, add in some technique details, and give them a couple more bronze-ish moves to learn.  I’m currently drafting a more detailed entry about teaching psychology and teaching dance, which will go up eventually.  While the class size has shrunken a bit as the semester goes on – midterms galore, colder weather, and finding other clubs/activities all contributing to this – we have a pretty consistent group who comes weekly and who seems to be having fun and improving steadily (at least, I hope they are!).  And a good number of our newbies will be going to their first competition this week.  Good luck, everyone!

In non-dance life, I’ve been teaching an intro social psych class, doing research, and indoor rock climbing.  That’s about it, I guess.  Research is a tumultuous relationship as usual – studies not working, or maybe-kind-of-working-but-what-does-this-really-mean???, but that just comes with the territory.  Rock climbing is going well.  It’s nice to see steady improvement – I’m working on 5.8/5.9-ish routes right now, if that means anything to you.  The accomplishment you feel after conquering a route that stymied you previously is fantastic. What else…I read Gone Girl a couple of weeks ago.  Still undecided on how I feel about it, but it’s worth checking out.

Edited to add: I cut off all my hair into a short pixie style this summer and now I’m in the stage of “WTF do I do with it for ballroom?”.  I’m incapable of doing finger waves and teasing does absolutely nothing.  So….I think the current solution is to put some gel and spray it in to make sure it doesn’t move around, and then either add a headband or rhinestones in some sort of pattern.  We’ll see what ends up happening.

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