Dress Stoning Update!


Dress Stoning Update!

Quick little preview of my semi-completed new smooth dress. I’ve finished stoning all of the flower lace appliques with a mix of heliotrope and volcano Swarovski, and I think it turned out pretty well. Might add some fuchsia stones later to the ruched fabric when I have the time/money. The whole process probably took about 8-10 hours spread out over two weeks, roughly?

Ohio Star Ball and Updates

Sorry I haven’t posted much of anything here…I’m working on a post on ballroom crushes and have some ideas relating teaching a college course to teaching dance.  They’ll be posted eventually when I have time to make them worth reading.

In the meantime…we’re getting ready for Ohio Star Ball! One of the biggest competitions in the country.  Pro-am is going on all week, I think Tuesday-Sunday, and we’ll be dancing in the collegiate section, the National Dancesport Collegiate Championships.  I think there’s over 800 people and it’s over two days, so one of the biggest college comps in the country.  Some novice events are starting at a quarterfinal and everything, which is a bit intimidating, but should be a lot fun. I’m also just about finished with the first phase of stoning my new smooth dress and I think it should look fairly awesome, especially for a first attempt. 20 gross (2880 stones) goes by much faster than you’d think…

On another note, I’m competing in Latin! I haven’t really done it other than with random partners for about a year, and finally, with the help of another ballroom friend, have convinced my main partner to do it again.  Also am dancing gold Latin with another friend whose regular partner can’t make it, so that should be fun, too.

Looking forward to watching the pro events and showdances.  Here’s a taste of a few particularly good ones from past years, back when they aired it on PBS as America’s Ballroom Challenge.