Horrible Things That Have Happened to Me on the Dance Floor…

…yet did not cause the end of the world…

1) Have fallen on my butt, completely sprawled on the ground (I believe about three times). Often with a shoe popped off.  There is video evidence, but I won’t help you find it 😉

2) Had my skirt slowly roll down so much that I had to yank it up not-so-subtly in order to not moon the poor audience members

3) Arrived to the ballroom (after sprinting from the parking garage) literally about a minute before I was supposed to be on the floor (comp was running earlier than the previous day), changed while running to line up, and danced! (And made a callback, miraculously!)

4) Had my necklace snap off and get loose in the middle of dancing smooth, so I (more dramatically than I intended) tossed it off to a corner (as not to step on it or have anyone else step on it)

5) Completely blanked out on the routine – both in competition and in showcase (this has probably happened at least a dozen times)

6) Gotten hit directly in the head by a smooth-style explosion arm (from a rather tall lead) and got the wind knocked out of me for a second or two

7) Knocked heads with someone while in frame

8) Danced off of the floor, possibly close to hitting a judge?

9) Danced completely and utterly off time, making faces at my partner because we disagreed about the beat/phrase

10) Made an utterly-clueless facial expression because I’m bad at hiding that

11) During a solo-couple on-stage performance, did a  deep lunge but wobbled around off-balance like an idiot for what felt like a solid 10 seconds. Awk.

And now, for things I’ve witnessed from other dancers:

1) Buttons popping open on a borrowed Latin shirt. Round after round… (you know who you are if you’re reading this, and it’s all good…)

2) Hooking the bottom of a skirt with a heel and actually completely mooning one side of the audience

3) Collisions galore

4) Various body parts popping out that should not be doing so…

5) Awful tanning disasters (think…green.)

6) Hair flying loose from fancy standard hairstyles

Take-home point: **** happens, you deal with it, and move on! 😀

5 thoughts on “Horrible Things That Have Happened to Me on the Dance Floor…

  1. HAHAH! Yess! To add one of my own and one I have seen. I have been elbowed in the head too many times to count because I am short and only come up to about frame height on most people. I have also seen someone manage to rip their float in quickstep. We are still baffled to this day how she managed to do it!

  2. I’ve managed to rip my float…it was a bit too long and grazed the floor if my lead put his arm down to avoid elbowing people, so one time I stepped on it and it ripped from the sleeve attachment.

  3. The key is the “yet did not cause the end of the world” part. 🙂 I’ve definitely been around the “competition disasters” block way too many times! I think it makes us stronger…

  4. Hi! I love this entry! Also the one on buying ballroom shoes. I am Judi Ford, and the founder of Baltimore Dance News. http://www.baltimoredncenews.com Would it be possible to republish these two writings on my website? I came away from these writings with both perspective and knowledge. I also think those who come to my website would feel that way too. Next week the Towson University goes back to school, and with that a new group of students will begin their journey onto the dance floor. I hope that you will agree.

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