Why ballroom is so addicting/awesome/fantastic

1. It’s so fun! There’s so many different dances to learn.  Learning one dance helps you pick up the next, but they all have different moves, quirks, personalities, and characters.

2. The people are awesome.  Most ballroom dancers are the nicest people you’ll meet. You make lots of new friends who share the same obsession with you. (And sometimes you’ll find that your ballroom friends…are all your friends, period. Whoops.)

3. You get to wear pretty clothes.  And sparklies. So many sparklies!

4. You can always get better. I think this is why dancesport appeals to competitive personalities – they strive for constant improvement, in pursuit of perfection.

5. On the flip side, even proclaimed non-dancers with two left feet can learn ballroom with some time and effort.  Most ballroomers I know didn’t even start dancing until college or later, yet can improve very quickly if they put the effort into it.

6. Ballroom originated as a social activity, so that aspect is always there, particularly if you enjoy social dancing.

7. Youtube. Can’t get enough ballroom in real life? It’s ALL OVER youtube. You can spend hours and hour watching dancing and becoming inspired.

8. It’s an expressive art. You get to express yourself and different aspects of your personality in ways that you don’t often get to do in everyday life.

9. (This probably only came up later in my thoughts because I’m not a heterosexual man…) You get to meet girls! Lots of professional male dancers admit that this is why they started ballroom dancing.  It’s true that joining a ballroom club or studio can get you dates with attractive women (so long as you’re a gentleman, of course), but over time, for a lot of these guys, it’s the dancing itself that keeps them coming back.  Besides, how else would you have women literally lining up to spend time (even if it’s just 2 minutes) with you?

10. It’s an escape from the stresses and worries of every day life. Have a ton of midterms and papers due right around a competition weekend? You run off to the competition and just forget about all that.

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